Garrett AT Gold Review

If you want an excuse to spend time outside, then you should go treasure hunting with a metal detector. Studies indicate this hobby has grown over the last decade, and it’s a great way for you to obtain some sunlight while finding odds and ends or collector’s purposes. Not all metal detectors are made equally, though. You really should consider one that meets your expertise level, and there are plenty of metal detectors out there to meet those skills. One of the better options on the market is Garrett’s AT Gold model.

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If you don’t mind using a metal detector with a little extra weight, then you should certainly consider Garrett’s AT Gold model. It weighs about 2.8 pounds, which is normal for these types of metal detectors… However, this model was made with some ergonomics in mind. The armrest can adjust to most arm sizes, and it comes with a strap to go around your arm for the sake of stabilization. The hand grip is also thick enough to provide amble stabilization in your hand as well.

If you seek a metal detector that comes with a sense of balance, then this model is the right choice. The handle and armrest provide tang with the adjustable length rod and coil. This coil measures 5” by 8”, so it will balance out the readout screen as well. The PROformance, Double-D submersible search coil is waterproof to a point. Garrett also provides the Master Sound stereo headphones with this model, but they can only be used in dryland conditions. The waterproof version can be purchased separately.

For people looking to hunt down different kinds of metals, the AT Gold is a great option. While it was originally attuned to hunt down gold pieces for you, it will also find silver and copper pieces. The main reason behind this factor is the AT Gold will work for high conductive metals, which means most coins can be found with ease.

If you want a portable model, then this metal detector is the right choice. It can be taken apart into larger pieces for taking it from one place to another. This feature is great for me because I have a small car, and packing it in with all of my other outdoor gear would otherwise be a challenge.

Unlike other models, this metal detector runs on AA batteries. Most other models run on 9-Volt batteries, which can last a bit longer. With this being the case, you might want to keep a large lot of AA batteries on hand. I prefer to use rechargeable batteries to eliminate waste.

Who Would Benefit from It

This metal detector is a little advanced in comparison to other models on the market. However, not much of a learning curve exists when adapting to it. Therefore, if you are a novice in using metal detectors, you can manage to start using it within a few sessions as if you are a professional. Conversely, if you are an expert at metal detecting, then you will also find pleasure in this model. It will stand up to expectations you might have about finding gold pieces, especially considering this model was made with that factor in mind.

Regardless of which skill level you possess with a metal detector, Garrett prepares you in how to use their AT Gold with ease. This process happens through a “how to” DVD that comes with the package. This video details all the information you need to know, from construction to storage, to anyway to make it find the metals you seek the most.


I find many elements of this metal detector attractive. First and foremost, I like that it can be taken apart for transport. As stated previously, I have a small car. People with larger vehicles might also like this feature, so they can manage to store more items in their vehicle by taking this model apart. I also like the fact that the length connecting the arm and hand rest to the coil can be adjusted based on a person’s height. I am not that tall myself, so I need this feature in place.

The only, real concern I have about Garrett’s AT Gold model is the type of batteries it uses. Other metal detectors I have used in the past rely on 9-Volt batteries, which last a bit longer than AA batteries. I would rather use a larger, more expensive battery that does not run out of as much power as often as the AA batteries would. This statement comes even after the consideration of using rechargeable batteries.

This metal detector is not great at deep seeking, though. Honestly, I think you need to find another model if you like to dig down deep for truly buried treasures. It is great for finding items close to the surface, which means you are more likely to find coins and jewelry lost in recent years. It might not lead you to Native American treasures, though.


  • Easy to transport
  • Adjustable length
  • Multiple modes of consideration
  • Multiple tones for detection purposes
  • Comes with “how to” DVD
  • Attuned for gold hunting, but will find other conductive metals


  • Garrett no longer provides international shipping as of 2013
  • Not salt-water proof
  • Uses AA batteries
  • Considerable weight over other models
  • Not deep seeking


All and all, weighing the pros against the cons, I would have to say Garrett’s AT Gold model is meant more for beginners than professional treasure hunters. It most likely will not work over rough terrain, so you should use it in parks and on the beach instead. However, that does not mean you will not find great treasures. Many coins and pieces of jewelry can be found with ease, so long as you do not need to perform deep seeking to find these items.

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