Garrett Ace 400 Review

Considering the need for people to head outdoors, we really should give certain hobbies a true attempt in our lives. After all, about 45 percent of all Americans do not gain enough sunlight due to their likeness to stay most of the day indoors, so we do not enjoy nature as we once did years ago. One such hobby we need to consider is metal detecting. Other than the benefits of being outside, we also have the chance to find some lost treasures as well. When it comes to picking the right metal detector, I honestly think you should give the Garrett Ace 400 model an honest try.

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This model is one of the more durable variations on metal detectors that Garrett offers. It measures 11 inches by 8.5 inches by 51 inches, which makes it one of the larger models in metal detectors. The DD coil at the end comes off, and the long rod can be adjusted to a specific person’s height. The weight is about 2.9 lbs. It’s a comfortable weight since you will move it from one side to the next in front of you for quite some time.

You need to closely consider the location of where you plan on hunting for treasures with this model. As with other Garrett products, it works great on dry land. Therefore, taking it out on the dry sand along a beach or in the desert does not pose a problem. The same goes for taking it out in the woods. However, it does not fare well in water. Hence, it might not provide accurate readings on wet sand, and it runs the risk of providing you with false positives for readings.

Some of the factors at play here with wet ground rely greatly on how the minerals in soil and sand are affected. Honestly, the size of the item being sought after plays a large role in standing out from composite minerals beneath the ground. For example, rings and coins might easily be found at six to eight inches deep, but soda cans or axes might be detected at depths over a foot or more.

Another benefit to purchasing the Ace 400 lies in the sound quality it presents. Multiple sound tones are provided for different types of metals at different depths. Additionally, the Ace 400 package includes Easy Stow headphones to boost the sound quality for each treasuring hunting experience. Therefore, for the time being, at least, you do not need to purchase separate headphones to go with this model.

Who Would Benefit from It Most

Garrett expressly states that the Ace 400 was made with professional metal detectors in mind. However, that should not stop a beginner from trying to use it. True, it includes many modes and options to pick from, and each of these modes and options can be attuned to your specific needs. At the same time, the learning curve of how to use this model is relatively low. A few sessions experimenting with it will lead to even novice metal detecting treasure hunters finding worthwhile pieces.

This level of experimentation lowers considerably, though, for people who have become experts at metal detecting. Experts in this field are more able to read the higher technology outputs on the control panel and determine the difference between a piece of treasure and mineralization in soil and sand. The Ace series does come with other models, like the 200 and the 300, which could be great pieces for learning how to use this model eventually.


Looking at this metal detector purely from a professional standpoint, the Ace 400 is a great choice. It has some higher technology features that most of us beginners might not be aware of how to use right away. However, that does not mean we could not acclimate to being able to use it appropriately. Doing so might just take more time than we might expect.

Personally, I like it because of how well it works on dry land. I live in the mountains, so it works well around these parts. I do not believe it would work as well for people who live near the beach, though. If this profile fits you, then the Ace 400 might prove to be a little disappointing. Water interferes with some of the coil’s detection capabilities, so it cannot even be used on wet sand. Several customers wish the Ace models would work otherwise because, on dry land, it is a great metal detector. It can sense items up to two feet deep with ease, especially items made of high concentrations of metal.

One of the features I like the most is that it comes with a set of headphones. Not all brands provide them as part of a package, and it seriously helps out when trying to listen clearly to the tones provided for detecting specific metals. These tones can be rather quiet otherwise, and you do not want to miss any important tones.


  • Same functions as the AT PRO at partial cost
  • DD Coil
  • Can be taken apart
  • Comes with headphones
  • Great sound quality


  • Coil can be a little over sensitive to mineral deposits in soil
  • Headphones missing from packaging from time to time
  • Might be too advanced for beginners




Overall, I think professionals would make great use of the Ace 400. In the end, I think someone without much skill with metal detectors could acclimate to it. At the same time, it probably could benefit from a larger coil, in the long run, to remove sensitivities to mineral deposits. Additionally, I agree with other customers: I wish Garrett would make a decently priced metal detector that could function well in wetland conditions. After all, some of the best treasures can be found at the beach.

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