Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett is one of the oldest metal detector manufacturers and it's noticeable in their detectors. You are not just simply getting a metal detector to play with, you get quality and a great searcher. Did you know that Garrett has been making metal detectors since 1964? The founder of the company, Charles Garrett, was one of the pioneers in metal detecting. He was the one who created the Beat Frequency Oscillator (BFO) technology.

In our guide for Garrett metal detectors, we have selected the best 6. Each one of this will be good enough for doing basic metal detecting but some of them are for more serious detecting. If you are searching for something specific, say gold, Garrett has a metal detector for that and we have it in our guide. Click the button below and find the best Garrett metal detector for your needs.

Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors

Bounty Hunter is a known brand in the metal detecting industry. Their metal detectors always offer high quality and are very beginner-friendly. Their beginner model Tracker 4 might be the best beginner-friendly metal detector there is on the market. Not because it’s basic but because Bounty Hunter has made it very easy to use. All of Bounty Hunter’s models are very friendly to use and thus, if you are a beginner, Bounty Hunter is for you.

In our Bounty Hunter metal detector guide, we have selected the top 7 metal detectors from Bounty Hunter that we believe stand out from the rest. They are made for specific purposes but all share that friendlies and ease of use. Click the button below to learn more about the best Bounty Hunter metal detectors.  

MineLab Metal Detectors

MineLab is a manufacturer that is focusing heavily on advanced metal detecting. Their metal detectors are great for more advanced detectorists and if you are that person, you will surely find something worth your time in the range of products that MineLab is offering. Their X-TERRA series of metal detectors are great for certain terrain searches while also offering a high quality.

In our guide about MineLab metal detectors, we have selected the top 7 products that we think are better than many others. We have chosen to focus a bit on both beginners and more advanced metal detectors in this guide. For the beginners, we have MineLab’s entry-level metal detectors that are dead easy to use and works great. For more advanced users we have the X-TERRA series as well as the outstanding E-TRAC. Click the button below to find your next MineLab metal detector.