Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker Review

The trend of using metal detectors has finally caught on once again in many parts of the United States. People use it as an excuse to go outdoors and collect different items. The extra sunlight does these people well, and so does the extra exercise. Some of the things you can find with metal detectors are amazing. Everything from rare coins to arrowheads, to diamond rings, and even your lost car keys can be found within a few, short hours. Not all metal detectors come with the same features, though. One of the best brands on the market is Bounty Hunter, and their TK4 Tracker IV ranks as one of the best models you can buy.

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If you plan to go over rugged terrain with your metal detector, then the TK2 Tracker is probably one of the best purchases you could make. It can detect metals in even the most extreme conditions as well. Therefore, you could take this model out in the rain, or even I dare say, in the snow as well. As an added benefit, this model comes with three modes: motion all-metal, discrimination, and two-tone audio. The disc and notch control provides a neutralized response to any mineral content in the ground, so you are less likely to experience false positives.

In most cases, this metal detector can find target sizes measuring approximately in coin size up to eight inches deep. On the other hand, it can find larger items up to two feet deep. Furthermore, it can find all types of metals, including the following: aluminum, brass, gold, iron, silver, and steel. Therefore, you are more than likely to find precious stones and jewelry that other metal detectors might end up missing in the long run.

The coil measures about eight inches in length, and unlike other models, it is waterproof. Hence, you have all the more reason to take it out in the rain or out to the beach. Wet sand deposits will not confuse your readings. The length of this model is adjustable, which makes it perfect for family members to use, even given their different heights. It includes frequencies around 6.6 kHz, and it operates on two, 9-Volt batteries. These batteries are going to last longer than the AA batteries that other models typically use.

For another added benefit, your arm is not likely to experience fatigue after hours of use as the TK4 Tracker IV weighs only 4.2 pounds. The armrest comes with ample padding as well, and it can adjust to fit most arm sizes. The handgrip also comes with ample cushioning to help you hold onto the metal detector for longer periods of time. Under the armrest comes the Bounty ARC stand. It prevents damage from occurring to the detector for times when you need to set it down on the ground. This feature is great for when you want to set it aside while digging for those treasures.

Who Would Benefit From This Model

According to Bounty Hunter’s website, the TK4 Tracker IV falls under the “Intermediate” category for usability. In other words, it is great for people who are just in the beginner category. If you are a novice at metal detecting, then you could easily fall in love with using this model. There would not be much of a learning curve at play here. However, if you are a frequent metal detecting user, then you might also consider this model, too. It has all of the basic features you could want in a metal detector, and it comes with a durability that can hardly be outmatched. Probably the best feature it possesses is the balanced capability for all types of soil. It does allow for controlled sensitivity and discrimination for each user, which makes it greatly customizable.


If you want to go with a model that does not have many features, then Bounty Hunter’s TK4 Tracker IV model meets your fancy. I like it mostly because of the simplicity it offers. It only has a few dials and settings to the program, which can easily be changed as you go along your treasure hunt. Personally, I also like that sensitivity is in my control. Instead of dealing with a bunch of high-tech gadgets and readouts that can be a little confusing to understand.

Even though the price is much less than other models, it provides great sensors for all kinds of metals. Personally, I do not think many other models are as sensitive to so many metals, and especially at depths up to two feet or more. When I go out for some treasure hunting with my metal detector, I like to find more than just coins. Finding jewelry is all the more existing, after all. While I might not find any historical artifacts of importance, I can at least imagine what type of history does lie behind the items I do find.


  • Find almost any type of metal
  • Provides three modes of searching
  • Comes with a headphone jack
  • Features an eight-inch coil
  • Uses two, 9-Volt batteries
  • Detects metals up to two feet deep
  • Works on various types of terrain
  • Can be used in any weather conditions
  • Coil is waterproof


  • Might be too simplistic in design for experts and professionals
  • Considered a little cheap in design for some people
  • Takes time to tinker with the controls
  • Accuracy lacking in comparison to more professional models
  • Sensitivity can be hit and miss from time to time


Honestly, if you are new to the metal detecting game, then Bounty Hunter’s TK4 Tracker IV is one of the best models you could wish for. While Bounty Hunter ranks it for an Intermediate ability level, even professional treasure hunters can make it work well. The simplistic design is rather attractive in my opinion, and it cannot be beaten for such a price ranking. You might take some time to make some progress with the adjustment and fine-tuning settings, but the experience is more than worth the time used.

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