Best MineLab Metal Detectors 2018

Metal detecting has taken the world by storm in recent decades. The hobby turns people into lovers of nature and treasure hunters for long periods of time. Since the hobby became so popular within the last twenty years or so, many companies started producing different models to pick from.

One of the premier, metal detector companies is Minelab. They produce some of the more durable metal detectors on the market. All of their models are easy to use, making the brand great for beginners and novices. Here is a closer look at some of Minelab’s best metal detectors.

Top 7 Best MineLab Metal Detectors 2018

To make sure that we provide you with the best possible information on what can be found on the market, we are regularly updating this guide. This will ensure that the information we provide will be accurate and will feature the latest metal detectors on the market. This guide was last updated in January 2018.

MineLab GO-FIND 40

One of Minelab’s best metal detectors for beginners is the GO-FIND 40. This model collapses down for storage and portability purposes with a simple touch of a button. You need to be aware when using this metal detector, though, so you do not accidentally hit the release button while using the device.

Powering this metal detector is simple as it runs on four AA batteries. Rechargeable batteries can be used for the sake of minimizing waste, but you might want to carry a few extras along for the trip. The entire product functions off these batteries, and it can take up some juice rather fast.

On the other hand, the feedback on this model is rather simple. It only has two indicator lights for you to use. The green light alerts you to non-iron metals, such as silver and gold. Conversely, the red light alerts you to iron targets, including nails. The display also indicates detected targets and provides a higher tone audio for higher value metal targets. Much the opposite stands true for lower value metals. You only have one button to hit for the coil to start working on detecting targets.

MineLab GO-FIND 60

Minelab’s GO-FIND 60 exists as a step up from the GO-FIND 40. The two models look much the same for a reason, but the GO-FIND 60 is more advanced. It does have the same screen and light system as the GO-FIND 40, but the coil detects metals more specifically in certain classes. The intuitive user interface also operates on four AA batteries. Therefore, you will want to have some extra on standby when you go out treasure hunting.

This model provides greater balance on the control shaft than the previous option. The arm support features more sturdy materials as well. Furthermore, the coil is a little larger and reads at greater depths.

Unlike the GO-FIND 40, the GO-FIND 60 comes with more items in the kit. First of all, it comes with a reliable pair of headphones designed to work with the metal detector. It also has an arm guard in which you can place your cell phone for safe keeping. One of the best items in this kit is the durable spade shovel that comes with it. After all, you need something reliable with which to dig up your treasures, and this one is lightweight and easy to carry.

MineLab X-TERRA 305

The two GO-FIND models might be a little too simplistic for some beginners. Therefore, Minelab offers a model raising a step up from the GO-FIND options. The X-TERRA 305 looks and functions more like a typical metal detector. The screen output provides digital information instead of a radial option found on most standard metal detectors. However, this feature focuses on providing clearer information that is easier to read with a glance.

The entire X-TERRA 305 looks more and more like a regular metal detector in the round coil it uses. Additionally, this coil can be changed out to focus on different levels of frequencies. Otherwise, you only have a limited number of frequencies to work with at one time. It uses True Digital VFLEX technology to make these frequencies easier to understand.

For the sake of avoiding arm fatigue, this model provides accurate ground balance capabilities with a manual adjustment. This adjustment can be set between zero and 20 for ease of use. On the other end of the coil sits a sturdy armrest that comes with an armband for stabilizing the arm support’s grip easier than with previous models.

MineLab X-TERRA 505

Another step up from the X-TERRA 305 comes from Minelab with the X-TERRA 505. This model still uses the proprietary True Digital VFLEX technology for the sake of single frequency hunting. Up to six different coils exist based on this technology, and they all fit the X-TERRA 505 with ease. These coils can also be used with the X-TERRA 305.

This model provides a choice of up to four tone identification. Furthermore, it also has multi-tone target identification to allow you greater flexibility in deciding how to represent targets. The five-manual settings on this metal detector include noise cancellation as well, which means you can determine even the quietest levels of detection.

As with the X-TERRA 305, the X-TERRA 505 provides accurate ground balance. However, the adjustment moves between zero and 50 instead of zero and 20. Adjusting for mineralization has never been easier at this point. Once more, the sturdy arm support comes with an adjustable strap over your forearm to help fight arm fatigue. For the sake of keeping your arm support clean when you set the metal detector on the ground, a small support cup faces downward as a small kickstand of sorts.

MineLab X-TERRA 705

Taking one more step up the X-TERRA scale leads you to the 705. This model uses many of the same functionalities as the X-TERRA 305 and X-TERRA 505, but it provides much more feedback. The readout screen can be customized much further than the previous two models. After all, the ultimate goal of the X-TERRA 705 lies in finding high-quality gold.

Yet again, this model includes the True Digital VFLEX technology for single frequency hunting. It does have low, medium, and high-frequency coils. In total, there are seven different accessory coils to pick from for increased versatility. These coils are easy to change out, and some of them can even be used on the 305 and 505 models.

Furthermore, this model uses manual ground balance adjustments that range between one and 90. Therefore, you will have to spend some more time calibrating this model over the previous two options. Some of the calibration options include automatic and beach settings. It also has two pinpoint modes: auto and sizing. The sizing features give you more information on target characteristics, including shape and size. Hence, you have the chance to understand the item you targeted before digging it up. The X-TERRA 705 is truly a top of the line model, but it can be used by treasure hunters of all experience levels.

MineLab Excalibur II 1000

With the Excalibur II 1000 from Minelab, you start to reach into professional-level metal detectors. This model works on its own nickel metal hydride battery pack. It lasts longer than the AA batteries used on the GO-FIND 40 and GO-FIND 60 models. At the same time, it can be recharged as needed between uses. The bodywork comes with high-visibility fluorescent coatings to keep the metal detector easy to find in most locations.

The coil on this model consists of a streamlined format and lighter weight in order to provide more balance. In short, this metal detector will be easier to use and move in all weather and ground conditions. Furthermore, your arm will not tire out as easily when using this model.

Instead of relying on a screen to put out readings for you, you need to pay attention to your ears. An improved signal response allows for higher pitches and even more pitches to be heard, but you have to train your ears into using the headphones appropriately.

MineLab E-TRAC

Minelab’s E-TRAC is certainly the top of the line in metal detector technology. It provides advanced signal processing using higher level technology to analyze target information and identification. Ultimately, your readouts and feedback give you a better idea of the items beneath the surface, deciding whether or not to go digging an easier one and more worthwhile to make.

For the sake of fast and easy editing of patterns, this model also uses QuickMask with independent ferrous and metal conductivity. Therefore, you can more easily adjust rejection levels. In cases where you want to edit out certain items, like iron nails and soda pop can tabs, you will want this type of control in the long run.

The entire construction of this model comes with complete balance. Your arm will not fatigue nearly as fast. At the same time, the arm support includes that much-needed strap to help with sturdy grasps onto the metal detector. It also has the kickstand underneath the arm support for help with balance and reducing dirt on your armrest when you place the metal detector down on the ground to do some digging.

The Minelab Company

Minelab has become a widely known name among metal detecting fans for years. They provide some of the best technologies to both their consumer and military prospects. In the past 30 years, Minelab created an empire around their handheld metal detectors, and with understandable reason. They provide some of the newer levels of excellence that can hardly be beaten by any other brand.

One of the greatest assets to Minelab is the versatile nature of their metal detectors. They offer a product for anyone of any metal detecting ability level. For example, their GO-FIND 40 and GO-FIND 60 models have been made with bare-minimum features. You can acclimate to these models with ease and without much fuss.

From these models, you can work your way up to more impressive offerings. The next level up from the GO-FIND models come to the X-TERRA. With these models, you can submerge yourself into typical metal detector options. It looks like a basic model of the metal detector, and it will prepare you to go into working with models like the EXCALIBUR II 1000. In short, Minelab offers metal detectors to meet the needs of every customer.

Minelab offers some of the best metal detection technologies on the market. Therefore, they can focus on creating premium products that give you the best advantage out on excursions. True, some of their models are simplistic, but still a lot of thought and design goes into these models. At the same time, their newer metal detector models set the bar with which other brands need to compete.

One of the reasons behind Minelab’s abilities to produce high-quality materials lies in their rather large engineering team. More than 30 scientists, engineers, and technicians focus on producing the next generation of metal detectors. This collaboration happens during many working hours, and simply designing a great metal detector is not their only focus. Such a team also focuses on finely tuned adjustments and beta testing to make sure the model on which they work is perfect before it hits the market. For this reason alone, Minelab is known for having metal detectors that fair well without much complaint from users.

Many types of technologies go into a Minelab metal detector. For example, a few of their models use Automatic Ground Balancing. Zero Voltage Transmission exists in a few of their models as well. This feature provides higher powers of opposite polarity pull in magnetic fields. Hence, you can find more, dense metals like gold and silver easily. At the same time, this transmission offers you the chance to dig deeper into the ground before actually digging and scrounging around for something that might not be of much value.

Minelab focuses on making their metal detectors user-friendly, and they provide plenty of technology to make excursions easier for you in the long run. With their models, you can find treasure beyond your imagination with just a little bit of know-how and skill. All you need to do is enjoy your time outdoors and look forward to the prospects of treasure that lie ahead.

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