Best Metal Detectors With Waterproof Search Coils 2018

Based in the US, Garret Metal Detectors is a reputed company in the field of high-quality metal detection equipment designing and manufacturing. Whether you are a beginner or a pro in metal hunting, the brand has something on offer for you. Find out about some of the best Garret Metal Detectors that are making waves in the industry.

Best Metal Detectors with Waterproof Search Coils 2018

To make sure that we provide you with the best possible information on what can be found on the market, we are regularly updating this guide. This will ensure that the information we provide will be accurate and will feature the latest metal detectors on the market. This guide was last updated in January 2018.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker

This multi-purpose, all-in-one metal detector has an automatic ground balancing feature, which lets you overcome any background soil element detection. There are two primary modes. The Discrimination Mode helps eliminate trashes and iron. The All-Metal mode is meant for generalized hunting purposes.

It lacks a real volume control, despite the absence of a 2-tone audio functionality. The lack of a pinpointer means that the digging results are not completely accurate. It comes without the ability to adjust settings for particular hunts or a graphic target indicator display. Its use is only restricted to relic and jewelry hunting. However, its absence of features is compensated by its low price point.

The equipment is light in weight and designed to be compact and comfortable, which means long hunting sessions will not put your arms and shoulders under stress.

Its preset ground balance helps neutralize the response to the ground minerals at the time of detection. There is a Disc/notch control that can help differentiate between unwanted metals and targets.

With a padded armrest and adjustable height design, along with a detector stand and low battery indicator, the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker offers great comfort and convenience during detection. It is definitely worth purchasing if you are not looking for something fancy and just want to get started.

Garrett Ace 400

This is an ideal entry – mid-level metal detector that can be used for hunting gold, relics, jewelry, coins and more. It has many useful features like cam locks, adjustable frequency, Digital Target ID and Iron Audio that offer great value for money.

It is a 0 – 99 scale, which uses a segment identification method but can offer a more precise representation of the targets. The Iron Audio feature makes a low sound whenever it spots any metal. You can switch on the feature when you feel you might have a nice target, and soon enough it will sound a grunting noise.

It works at a 10kHz frequency level, which can be good enough for metal prospecting. The Cam Locks have a plastic, but strong, system. It makes the detector stable and stronger. You can break the device down into 3 separate parts to transport more easily. The Cam Locks make these joints tighter and make the device feel more stable to use at the time of prospecting.

The lack of ground balance adjustment is the only major complaint in this otherwise useful metal detector. Also, keep in mind that the equipment can be too heavy for kids to handle.

National Geographic Pro

The National Geographic PRO has 3 detection modes, pinpoint feature and 4 sensitivity levels that make it easy for you to differentiate trash metals from various treasures, even to a depth of 10 inches under the ground surface.

Its discrimination feature is solid and lets you filter between various kinds of metal. You can use it to discriminate valuable metals from rubbish in freshwater areas. Its pinpoint feature is very precise and can let you accurately find the metal objects of your choice.

The device is just 2.3 pounds in overall weight, which makes it convenient to be used for long hunting sessions. It also has a wrist strap that you can wrap around your forearm to take the pressure off your wrist. Its height can be adjusted to 22 inches, and the entire detector can be folded and stored into a backpack, bag or travel pouch when not in use.

It comes with a scope for headphones, and this means you can go on discreet hunting sessions without alerting people around. When detection occurs, the device will put out a sound alert to notify you of the find.

Its light-weight and the fact that it does not need to be assembled means that you can quickly be up and running after receiving it.

Fisher F4

With a very accurate depth indicator, pinpoint mode, discrimination settings, and ground balance knob, the Fisher F4 is a wonderful detector. It can let you hunt treasures in mineral-rich soil without any impact on the depth readings.

The coil of the F4 is 10-inch deep, which offers you more powerful and extensive searches. With a good discrimination feature and large, easily readable LCD screen, this device wins hearts. It blends graphics and numeric target ID displays and makes looking for treasures more comfortable for you.

As one of the Best Waterproof Metal Detectors, it has a perfect balance and the very lightweight design makes treasure hunting very comfortable. There are two coils included with this metal detector – an 8-inch concentric and another 11-inch Double D. Although you can get some false signals from time to time, the results are mostly pretty accurate. Once you fine-tune the ground balance properly, the device can work like a charm. The pinpointing falls between the coil bolt and the coil center, and finding it can be tough initially – but not impossible.

It involves some learning curve, and the operating manual coming with the package is not too useful. However, YouTube videos on the Fisher F4 can make the operations easier to understand for you.

Bounty Hunter Time Ranger

This is a top of the line metal detector with computerized SMART TRAC ground balance that can let you look for targets at optimal depth without affecting other discrimination modes and target ID. It is light in weight and can easily be carried about. Its intuitive controls allow you to find the treasure that you are exactly in search of.

With 4 levels of iron discrimination, the device allows you to search targets easily and minimize false positives as much as possible. The button controls are easy to push, and the Timeranger feature can easily be programmed to find the metals of choice and reject any trash. Few detectors are so precise with the results. The multi-functional LCD screen shows all the important details.

The Sniff Mode makes this a landmark unit, as it can sound an alert only when your desired metal is found. All other metals are ignored in its pursuit of your target. This is among the Best Waterproof Metal Detectors.

The only negative point is the absence of an instruction manual. Luckily, the metal detector is very user-friendly and you can make out most of the features on your own. There are videos on YouTube and other platforms as well, which can offer you all the directions.

Treasure Cove TC-3020

The Treasure Cove TC-3020 comes with not one, but 3 audio tones that can let you know whether you have hit upon - a) nails and nickels, b) zinc, copper or gold, or c) silver or brass. The audio tones are different and hearing them will be enough for you to understand what kind of metal that you have found.

It is lightweight in design, which will ensure your arms not being tired while using it. It also has an adjustable handle and you can make it to an ideal length for your height. The device is designed to be used in both hands, and whether you are a left or a right-hander you will have no problems.

The Target Mode is very precise and can help you to exactly pinpoint and find the target of your choice. You can eliminate unnecessary metals and find the one that you want.

It has a waterproof coil, and you can use it to search in many places. The coil is unlikely to be damaged even if you use it in saltwater areas or in muddy swamp regions. It also comes with some cool accessories that make prospecting more fun and enjoyable, such as headphones, sand-sifting scoop, and a carrying case.

Bounty Hunter QSIGWP

The Bounty Hunter QSIGWP comes with the promise of an easy, smooth operation. The inbuilt pinpointer is useful for detecting any kind of metal. The LCD screen is bright and crystal clear, with a 4-segment digital target ID. It offers 3-tone audio response other than visual clues. It works in 3 operational modes - Progressive Discrimination Mode, Motion All-Metal Mode and Variable Notch System Detection Mode.

Although it is not completely effective of handling mineral-rich soil, it can be fairly capable at the job. The default / preset tuned ground balance can immediately neutralize responses mineral and metals present under the surface. Its low battery indicator lets you know how much power is left, and you can stop operations before the power completely goes away.

The equipment weighs just 2.8 pounds and is light enough to be carried around easily. It operates at a 7kHz frequency and the pinpointing feature lets it find targets with ease. Its fully automatic Ground Balance feature allows removing any false signals. The depth detection indicator can detect smaller targets to a depth of 8 inches and larger ones at up to 3 feet deep.

The QSIGWP has been priced affordably, which makes it a fantastic entry-level metal detection device in the budget segment.

Waterproof Metal Detector Buying Guide

Waterproof Metal Detectors are useful when you look for gold and other metal objects under the surface. Keep in mind that waterproof and underwater are not the same. Metal detectors that are capable of finding objects in water can be categorized broadly into two types.

Types of Waterproof Metal Detectors

  • Waterproof Coil Metal Detectors – These come with a waterproof coil, and can be used to look for metal objects in wet conditions such as on wet sandy beaches or in moist gardens. You cannot immerse these in water, as they can be damaged otherwise.
  • Underwater Metal Detectors – Unlike the former, these types of detectors can be submerged. You can immerse these in water up to a specific depth. Generally, the costlier the metal detectors are, the greater the depth to which it can be immersed. While some of these work up to a depth of 1 – 10 feet, others can work in up to 100 feet deep areas.

Waterproof metal detectors can be Pulse Induction or VLF in form. Pulse Induction detectors are best for diving and salt water beaches. These have high sensitivity to precious metals and are not impacted by wet ground minerals or salt sand. VLF or Very-Low-Frequency detectors generally operate in the frequency range of 3 – 30 kHz.

How to Find the Best Waterproof Metal Detectors?

Finding the perfect waterproof metal detector for you will depend on a couple of things like budget, weight, and features.


Waterproof Metal Detectors can be found in different prices, generally starting at a $100 and up to $1,000 or more. You should set a budget in which you would like to buy your detector. It is generally a good idea to stop being tight-fisted when it comes to metal detectors, as spending more can get you more features, efficiency, and functionality.

Generally, the costlier the metal detector is, the better its sensitivity, discrimination feature, ground balance, volume control and Target ID are likely to be. Your budget should include the total price of the metal detector, as well as related accessories like digging tools such as beach scoops or trowels, headphones etc. You should also consider other important things, such as a metal detector bag and a coil cover.


The weight is an important consideration that people often end up ignoring. A few metal detectors can be quite heavy, and you are likely to feel uncomfortable while handling them for prospecting metals. You should consider the weight factor beforehand. Otherwise, you will be stuck with a literally ‘heavy investment’ later.

New or Used

You should also consider whether you should get a new or a used detector. A new detector comes with a full manufacturer warranty and can allow you to rest assured. A used detector also has its own benefits, as you can get a piece of equipment with higher sensitivity and features at the same price. You can recover your investment with a single ‘discovery’, such as gold nuggets, coins, jewelry and more.


In case you wish to go for metal prospecting in salt water areas, a detector with Pulse Induction is your best choice. If you want a Very Low Frequency (VLF) underwater metal detector, ensure that it comes with a salt water mode. If you want to go deep with your metal detector, make sure to check the depth rating. The depth rating is the depth under water you can use the detector. If you will be snorkeling or diving, ensure that your detection equipment comes with a short-sized dive pole. This will allow you greater comfort while using the detector.

It is also important that you get a detector consisting of features and functionality that would be manageable for you. In other words, choose an entry level device if you are a beginner. On the other hand, a detector with more features and a higher range is more advisable in case you are a pro at the game. It will be an unnecessary expenditure to go for a state of the art detector having too many functions and features that will end up overwhelming you.


Look at the number of accessories offered with the package, or at least available separately, for the same equipment that you are buying. As a well-equipped metal detectorist, you should have some basic accessories in your kit. These include headphones, which can obliterate noises from the surrounding environment at the time of prospecting. A carrying case that can protect your detector and make it easier for you to transport the device is recommended. A beach shifter scoop and a digging trowel is something you should have with you as well. A sand sifter scoop will make recovery faster and easier for you.

You should also carry a recovery pouch, which can be very useful when you hit upon a treasure. Once you recover the target, you can put it inside the pouch to keep it safe. You can also keep your digging tools safely inside the pouch while you are gold-hunting.

It is important that you buy a waterproof metal detector after proper research. You can find new detectors from various brands and manufacturers. If you are after used metal detectors, you can try estate sales, garage/yard sales, newspaper classifieds, flea markets and pawn shops. Although chances are minimal for you to find a detector of a specific model or brand, you can generally come across good deals.

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