Best Metal Detectors for Gold Finding 2018

If you are going to buy a metal detector that is specifically made for finding gold, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will cover some of the best metal detectors for finding gold. Choosing the best metal detector can be hard, there are a lot of things that you should take into consideration. We think that we have found the right balance between personal preferences and budgets so that you know which metal detector is perfect for you once you have read this guide.


Top 7 Metal Detectors for Gold Finding

To make sure that we provide you with the best possible information on what can be found on the market, we are regularly updating this guide. This will ensure that the information we provide will be accurate and will feature the latest metal detectors on the market. This guide was last updated in January 2018. 

Fisher Gold Bug-2

The Fisher Gold Bug-2 is a metal detector with many features. It has Audio Boost, dust and moisture resistance, iron-discrimination, ultra-high frequency, and very high sensitivity. When working in the Iron Disc-Mode, the device can easily reject hot rocks and iron trashes from targets. The Gold Bug-2 has great speakers that are designed for high signal quality, durability, efficiency and optimal sensitivity.

The device is just 2.9 pounds in overall weight, which makes this metal detector light and easily usable in form. Being compact in size, it can easily be used and carried. It is foldable in design and is easy to hide away while not in use. The height is adjustable, and you can adjust the device height to hip or chest.

It has a 3-position mineralization switch that allows it to work in highly mineralized soil conditions. The 71kHz frequency makes it very sensitive for locating small-sized gold nuggets. It also has a dual-knob ground control that helps adjust between fine and coarse-sized particles. The sound-blocking design of the polymer muffs helps obliterate surrounding noise, as much as 24db.

Its construction might appear slightly flimsy for its price, but that does not affect the overall performance. Fisher has made a great job with the Gold Bug-2 and it will do a great job identifying gold nuggets.

White's GoldMaster

The White’s Goldmaster makes prospecting easier by looking for small and large coins and nuggets. It also avoids the harsh ground in areas rich in gold. It is light and compact in size, which makes prospecting easy even for long hours.

The device has several states of the art features, such as the Iron Target Analyzer that can add convenience to hunting. There is Auto Ground Balance, Iron ID, and Optional Audio, which make the detector on par with some costlier versions. It is available with 48KHz operating frequency, which is the best for searching gold nuggets. Its search coil is water-resistant the Goldmaster is designed for use in rivers and streams.

It has manual controls for advanced users, with a recommended initial setting in each option. The display comes with a bar graph for convenience. It is simple in operations and can pinpoint targets easily. The Goldmaster shows the total amount of magnetic minerals found during prospecting. It's Iron ID makes it useful in old mining locations, and it allows precise targeting by avoiding false positives.

Mastering it requires some time for users. However, once you have, you are unstoppable.

Garrett AT Gold

The Garrett AT Gold is light in weight, which makes it easier for hunters to use it for many hours without straining the arms or shoulder. It measures 1 x 1 x 1 inches and weighs 6.15 pounds. It draws power from AA batteries.

AT Gold can be used in multiple terrains, such as shallow water, in ruins or in iron-rich areas. It is great for prospecting in any type of area. It performs easily, and can conveniently spot jewelry, coins, and other gold objects.

When in All-Metal mode, it is deep-seeking and offers a solid performance. It comes with 18kHz frequency, which makes it ideal for improved detection of relics, coins, and jewelry and gold nuggets.

The bright display makes information easy to read, even in low-lit areas. The LCD display has a nice user interface. It comes with stereo headphones to be used on dry land. You can buy waterproof headphones separately. It comes with instructional videos on DVD, which makes it easier to operate even for beginners.

It is not ideal for use in saltwater areas. That said, this gold detector works well in various other terrains. Just keep in mind that you should avoid using it for prospecting in sea beaches.

Fisher Gold Bug

The Gold Bug metal detector from Fisher is excellent for gold prospectors and can help to pick up gold nuggets as small as the size of grains. The Gold Bug offers wonderful adjustments in ground balancing. This is important for finding gold in fields or grounds that is rich with other various minerals. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will love to use the detection equipment.

It comes with a big LCD screen that makes it easier for you to read information as well as access every menu option on the equipment pretty quickly. You can use it to find relics, coins, nuggets and other treasures very easily. It is easy to use. The small size means you can hunt for longer without putting a burden on your arms and shoulders. Rather, it can offer good exercise to these parts.

The moderate pricing of the equipment makes it an even better choice. The speed and depth performance of this unit is no less than models from the higher end bracket. However, it is important that you properly read all the instructions that come along with this product. Going through the directions can ensure smoother operations and much easier handling for you.

Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ

Electronic gold prospecting technology reaches a peak with this device. The Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ offers reliable and accurate results on the ground very fast. It can give you a solid performance on normal as well as challenging terrains. The popular discrimination circuitry of the Tesoro can help you to hunt coins and relics. This feature, along with fast pinpointing, allows you to detect all types of metals very quickly.

The Lobo SuperTRAQ is available in a fresh gray color scheme that is very nice to look at. With the Computerized SuperTRAQ Ground Tracking System, the detector fixes the ground balancing problems and makes operations very smooth and seamless. The Tesoro Lobo comes with new battery tone, which is a change from the old one.

The Lobo SuperTRAQ can adjust itself very fast to the type of terrain you look for gold in. It can eliminate other trashes to help you find gold more easily, whether in the form of coins or nuggets. The Discrimination circuitry makes operations more accurate and minimizes time wastage for you. There is deep detection potential and you can pinpoint objects very accurately. The instructions are easy to read, and the equipment comes with an owner’s manual that can help you to understand everything easily.

MineLab X-Terra 705

If you wish to start with gold prospecting, this is the type of device you should get. The equipment is light in weight and can be carried around easily. It operates on powerful AA batteries that do not drain out quickly.

The Minelab X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack is designed to be quickly assembled and features a lightweight well-balanced frame allowing longer detection time. Its compact size makes it a perfect option for kids and beginners.

The unit works at 18.75kHz frequency, which, coupled with the VFLEX technology, ensures precise detection. With a Double-D Elliptical coil, it is an ideal device to find small-sized gold nuggets. Its Automatic ground balance can lower false positives and the Iron Mask discrimination can reduce unnecessary digging that ends up with trashes.

The Pinpoint function makes operations accurate and lets you recover targets quicker. Headphones are optional but can let you keep operations more private - especially in the wee hours of the morning. The X-Terra 705’s perfect combination of affordable pricing and state of the art features makes it a cool tool for starters in gold hunting.

White's SurfMaster DF

The White’s Surfmaster is fully waterproof, which is one of its biggest advantages. It can work to a distance of 100 feet underwater. Its pulse induction detection and amazing depth make it capable of being used on beaches. The PI technology ensures detection of jewelry and coins at great depth, particularly in a mineralized ground and salty water.

The Surfmaster’s 12″ search coil is dual-field and has close to neutral buoyancy. It has tremendous gold sensitivity, even at the maximum depth of 100 feet, which can make it easier to hunt gold.

The waterproof Piezo headphones make the unit better to handle in moist areas. The Dual Field of the device has wonderful gold sensitivity and can offer convenient gold prospecting experience. The sweep speed is variable and you can get superior gain control. Its adjustable pulse delay helps lower the noise from junk and black sand, which makes it easier for you to pick our targets.

The Quick Target Recovery, Adjustable Pulse Delay, and Improved Gold Sensitivity make the White’s Surfmaster perfect for gold hunting. With a superior construction, the Surfmaster is worth trying out.

Metal Detectors for Gold Buying Guide

The best gold metal detectors are those that can match your personal needs and wants. You can choose from various types of metal detectors, depending on your budget, your area, your purpose and more. Find out about the important things that you should consider before buying a metal detector.

Features and Capability

While choosing a detector, you have to look at the features along with the fit. The more advanced detection equipment’s are adjustable for different heights and are designed to be proper from the ergonomic perspective. Make sure that it is waterproof if you live near a lake, salt water ocean or river. Your metal detector can be damaged if you drop or submerge it into the water if it’s not waterproof.

Look for detection equipment with a waterproof housing, which can be used to find gold treasures without any disruption in the signal due to the conductivity of salt present in a moist sandy beach or in salty sea water. Keep in mind that more gold jewelry and rings can be found at lake swimming areas and ocean beaches than in any other place. Your detection equipment needs to be water-resistant to some extent to last well.

Look for a detector with automatic tuning that can let you fine-tune the device for various terrains and obliterate interference from the power lines. With such types of features available, there is no need to be an expert at using the detector immediately. You can find metal detectors available for any level of experience.

In case you are after natural gold, such as gold flakes or gold nuggets, you will want a detector that can run at a higher frequency despite coils of special shape or small size, and having a greater small gold sensitivity that regular detectors find difficult to identify.

Consider Your Hunting Sites

Think about the areas where you will mostly be hunting. If you wish to find metals other than gold or look for various types of metals or intend to go metal-hunting in different types of terrains, it is important to go for any of the all-purpose metal detectors on the market. These are for serious treasure hunters who would not like to give up on detecting other precious metals as well.

An all-purpose detector can be the best for your needs if you plan to search in the playgrounds, parks, hunting camps, fishing camps, old schoolyards and various other dry ground sites in your neighborhood. You may even use a few in slightly moist or wet areas as most of the all-purpose metal detectors consist of waterproof search coils, which can safely be used in shallow water.

How Frequent You Will Use It

You have to consider how frequently you will be detecting. Do you wish to go on gold detection whenever possible or only during the weekends? Are you a retired person who wants to go on a treasure hunt as frequently as you can, and also wish to take the detector during vacation? It could also be that you wish to use gold detection as a fun pastime activity. If you wish to use the detector repeatedly, you have to choose one that is up to the task.

You should have an honest consideration about how roughly you will use the equipment. There could be jolts and bumps to your detector during accidental drops and falls. You will need a rugged detector that is designed to last for long. Fortunately, most gold metal detectors available today are constructed to match strict international standards and regulations.

Reviews and Feedback

Before buying detectors, you should also look at the warranty and go through the customer reviews of the device you are thinking of getting. With a detector that comes with a long warranty, you can happily search for gold for a long time. These manufacturers are also known to offer wonderful repair services.

Your Experience Level

You should also consider the amount of experience you have. Choose an entry-level detector if you are only starting with gold prospecting. Luckily, most states of the art equipment come with Quick Start settings that make gold hunting much easier. You can find gold nuggets, diamond rings, old coins and more while having iron junk filtered out or eliminated automatically.

Your Budget

You have to consider the amount you can spend comfortably on such type of equipment. As a thumb rule, it is best to spend as much as you can afford. A better detector will have more sensitivity and can penetrate deeper. Generally, the costlier a detector, the more its automation and number of features are. You can also expect easier tuning, more durability, and greater versatility. There are great gold detectors available in different price points, such as 200 USD, 500 USD, 1000 USD or more.

Keep in mind that this is an expense worth making. With even an amazing find such as an old coin, a gold bracelet or a diamond ring, you can get back the amount invested on the detector. Hitting upon “killer finds” is commoner than you might think. You need a detector with more power and sensitivity if you want to discover big treasures. You can find gold detectors on the market with varying penetration power, such as a few feet or even up to 100 feet. Some equipment can detect gold targets with real time 3D imaging, at up to 30 feet in depth. You need a waterproof detector to look for gold in water and moist environments.

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