Best Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors 2018

Using metal detectors in various outdoor locations has become a hobby for many people over the years. The things you might find are interesting and, in some cases, highly valuable. Using one of these tools gives you the sense of being a treasure hunter out along beaches and deep in the woods. Therefore, you might consider this hobby closely as a means to venture out of your home and into the wild and beautiful. Not all metal detectors are made equally, though. One such brand worth considering is Bounty Hunter, and here is a look at their best products.

Top 6 Best Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors 2018

To make sure that we provide you with the best possible information on what can be found on the market, we are regularly updating this guide. This will ensure that the information we provide will be accurate and will feature the latest metal detectors on the market. This guide was last updated in January 2018.

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro

Bounty Hunter’s Land Ranger Pro comes equipped with a V-Break and a variable tone breakpoint. These two functions allow the metal detector to accurately pinpoint the depth of certain items buried below dirt and sand. It also comes equipped with a FeTone adjustable iron audio. Furthermore, it includes a menu system that focuses on variable notching. The ground grabs itself operates with a clear, firm grasp and works hand-in-hand with the computerized Ground Balancing feature.

The Land Ranger Pro weights about 2.4 pounds, so it does not require much strength to use. At the same time, it will not cause much arm fatigue from extended usage. The shaft’s length can be adjusted as well to help balance the metal detector on your arm with ease. Additionally, the target ID varies between zero and 99, and the tone audio ID comes with four levels.

It also contains seven modes of operation to pick from. It runs on an 11 inch DD waterproof search coil and operates on one, 9-volt alkaline battery. This metal detector also discriminates between motion and no motion on an operating frequency of 7.69 kHz. Bounty Hunter also offers a five-year, limited warranty on this product against defects in workmanship and materials used to create it.

Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300

Bounty Hunter’s Discovery 3300 model relies on manual ground balance to provide the best performance possible during adverse weather conditions. In short, you do not have to reserve a trip outside to go treasure hunting with your metal detector only for a sunny day. It can be used during any time of the year. This model rates as the deepest seeking detector and it presents at three-digit target identification system.

This metal detector uses precision tactics to help you accurately locate specific targets at various depths. It can track motion in all metal items with progressive discrimination, notch, and pinpoint modes. Furthermore, this model comes with a present ground balancing to help neutralize responses to minerals in the ground, thus meaning you will not mistake high mineral contents for actual items. The target identification portion of this model has 11 segments for a wider range of recognizing specific targets.

This model is also lightweight at 2.5 pounds, so like the other model, it will not cause arm fatigue over time. It also comes with the five-year, limited warranty to protect against any defects in workmanship and materials used to make the model. The coil measures eight inches and comes with waterproof protection. Unlike the previous model, it runs on two, 9-volt batteries instead of just one.

Bounty Hunter Time Ranger

Bounty Hunter’s Time Ranger model comes with four, professional modes of operation. The notching system can be programmed to certain specifications. It also includes a ground-balance monitoring system. The Blanker System on this model focuses on eliminating surface disturbances while allowing you to search down to deeper depths more accurately. This system also rejects information on unwanted targets by simply pushing a button.

The Time Ranger also includes a Sniff Mode that can clone targets and make for more precise hunting sessions. It has a three-tone audio discrimination, and a specific tone has been assigned to certain metals. Furthermore, this model provides a Ground-Trac monitor to avoid misreading ground mineralization during operation. With this feature, high concentrations of minerals in soil and sand will not be mistaken for a possible target.

Bounty Hunter’s Time Ranger comes at a little bit of a weight cost in comparison to other models. This one weighs about four pounds, which is still lightweight, but it might cause arm fatigue faster than other models looked at thus far. At the same time, the coil measures eight inches and is also waterproof.

Bounty Hunder Discovery 1100

Bounty Hunter’s Discovery 1100 model includes discriminations between different metals using different sound tones. This feature focuses on providing a three-tone audio feedback as well. It operates on three, different modes and possesses a three-segment identification system for individual targets. The depth display provides up to four segments, though. The Discovery 1100 detects items as small as coins for up to six inches deep. Larger objects can be detected to depths of two feet. This process operates on push-button discrimination through a one-touch control module.

Programming in this model also possesses three, preset modes of operation that are easy to use. All you have to do is simply turn this model on and go out treasure hunting. It also introduces easy operation through preset ground balancing provided from factory-based settings.

The overall design of this model focuses on ergonomics. Considerations about the armrest focus in on comfort, such as the padding and adjustability to most arm sizes. Furthermore, a ¼ inch headphone jack comes on the model, though the headphones themselves are not included. It also has a seven-inch, waterproof search coil with an adjustable stem to provide balance to the rest of the shaft.

Bounty Hunter QSIGWP

Bounty Hunter’s Quick Silver model comes with a pinpointer to provide you with accurate treasure hunting experiences. It is fully automatic about ground balance, and it also provides squelch-tech in order to eliminate false signals. Such false signals you might encounter can come from high concentrations of ground minerals, and this system helps to negate such triggers. The discrimination function is based on push-button functions for ease of operation with a one-touch depth control to provide ease of use.

The Quick Silver operates on digital targeting identification through its display while also providing a three-tone audio feedback. Both of these features make detecting buried items all the easier for you in the long run. The screen’s design focuses on easy to view, LCD technology. Distances to items can be read with ease and high accuracy, regardless of how close the coil comes to the ground.

The included pinpointer focuses in on the exact location of metal buried deep below the surface. It also provides its audio and vibration system with adjustable sensitivity control. Furthermore, it comes with its own battery indicator. This metal detector also operates on two, 9-volt alkaline batteries, operates on 6.6 kHz, and weighs only 2.25 pounds.

Bounty Hunter TK4 (Tracker IV)

Bounty Hunter’s Tracker IV metal detector is one of the brand’s more rugged metal detectors. Therefore, it empowers you with the option to locate treasures along more rugged terrains. It includes three models, which are as follows: motion all-metal, discrimination, and two-tone audio. Furthermore, it comes with preset ground balance as part of the factory presets. This feature neutralizes responses to mineral buildups in the ground, which saves you from digging away without any benefit. The disc and notch system on the Tracker IV also distinguishes between targets and unwanted metals for this same reason.

This metal detector provides more in-depth sensors than the other models considered so far. With it, you can detect coins up to eight inches deep and other targets up to two feet deep. Therefore, you should be prepared to dig a little for the best treasures. Due to all the features it provides, the Tracker IV weighs a little bit more than other models at 4.2 pounds. The coil also measures eight inches and is completely waterproof as well. As with other models, it runs on two 9-volt batteries.

About Bounty Hunter

Not much is known about the Bounty Hunter company outside of their high-quality metal detectors. The company belongs to First Texas Products, along with Teknetics Metal Detectors, Night Owl Optics Night Vision, iGen, and Fisher Research Labs. At current, the company’s headquarters sits on Henry Brennan Drive in El Paso, Texas.

Other than the models noted above, Bounty Hunter offers several series of metal detectors. The first level is for beginners. It includes the Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector, which is perfect for children. The Tracker IV and Quick Silver models mentioned above belong to the Intermediate category. The other two levels include Advanced treasure hunters and Serious metal detectors. From there, the Pro, Discovery, and Pioneer series go above and beyond the expectations of professional metal detectors. Therefore, with Bounty Hunter, you are likely to find any metal detector you need. If you are new to the hobby, then you have the Starter and Intermediate levels to consider. However, as you approach rougher terrains and become more experienced, then you might want a metal detector from the high-level series models.

The Bounty Hunter Website

On their website, Bounty Hunter provides a “How to Get Started” beginners guide to help you figure out exactly what model you need to start with. At the beginning of this section, the company emphasizes the importance of metal detecting as a hobby for people of all ages. In essence, the hobby is presented as a function for the entire family. From there, the guide walks you through the purpose of each metal detector series and how much they can help you.

Some factors being considered in this guide include the purpose of what you want to find and where you plan on going treasure hunting. These two features drastically change which model you will need to use. For each category being examined, Bounty Hunter also offers tutorial videos on their website. Each video ties back to a specific product and provides information about how to use, calibrate, and maintain each of the models you might consider.

The Bounty Hunter website also provides information for dealers. If a specific sporting goods store wants to feature these metal detectors, then catalogs and sales are available to attract their attention to the company.

With all of the stores carrying Bounty Hunter models, you will find the brand to be readily accessible without solely having to go through their website. However, not all of these locations provide the same feedback on information about each, individual product as the company website does.

Furthermore, the company website is the only place where you can perform registration for your chosen metal detector’s warranty. Occasional prize drawings are done from these entries to provide people with accessories and full-blown metal detecting kits. Therefore, you become encouraged to keep up with submitting this warranty more for just the sake of having the warranty in place. The company backs their warranties full force, especially according to this prize drawing being in place.

Another place worth visiting on the company’s website is the Customer Finds section. Here, stories about things customers have found using Bounty Hunter’s metal detectors can be found. These stories are truly inspiring. Some stories include the typical finding of rare coins, but others include stories about finding jewelry. In one instance, a customer found a 14k diamond ring on a playground. This story alone is enough to inspire you about investing in a Bounty Hunter model. Not only does it keep you and your family entertained for hours on end, but it also forces you to go outside and enjoy sun and nature. This hobby can mean a lifestyle change for you as well, and Bounty Hunter models are one the best brands to consider for the task.

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