At Premium Detectors, you’ll learn everything about metal detectors. It’s our hobby and our biggest interest.

If you have started to dabble into metal detectors or if you are a professional metal detecting geek (it’s positive, we promise), Premium Detectors is the site for you. Get educated on the best places for metal detection, what laws to follow and answers to questions you haven’t even thought of yet. We clear out the confusion and help you become a metal detecting expert.

What You Can Find on Premium Detectors

There is a lot of things that can be said about metal detectors. Here at PD, we try to cover as much as possible so that you will get the answer you are looking for. Some of the things that we cover:

  • Finding the Best Metal Detector for you
  • Answering Your Questions about metal detectors
  • Helping you become a better metal detectorist
  • Educating on laws and regulations
  • Inspiring and helping you to find more things
  • Much more…

Our extensive buyer guides are the best for finding the perfect metal detector for you. A review on Premium Detectors is all you need to learn about a specific detector. The information you get from our posts is the best source if you are into metal detecting, simple as that.

The Team

Premium Detectors is a small website. The team consists of two people that love being outside finding new shiny things AND to write. That’s how the idea of Premium Detectors was born by Robert, who is the Chief Editor of Premium Detectors. There isn’t much information about metal detectors out there and this is what Robert want to change.

To his help, he has his best friend, Edith. She is the amazing editor and does much of the writing while Robert is taking care of the technical aspect of running a website.

Together, these two have the perfect website for metal detectorists and beginners in the hobby. It can be complicated to get started but with PD, this is no longer a problem. Welcome to Premium Detectors!