10 Accessories You Should Always Have with You When Searching Treasures

Once upon a time, metal detectors were big in shape and came with a single search coil and separate battery packs.  These came without any add-ons, which are almost unthinkable in modern times. These days, metal detectors come with many accessories – which could be included with the package or sold separately. To help you with your next treasure journey, we have put together a list of the 10 accessories you should always have with you.

Electronic PinPointer

A PinPointer from Bounty Hunter

An electronic pinpointer can help you to pinpoint the exact location of your treasure, rather than simply giving you a general idea like most detectors do. Once you get an alert, you have to push the pinpointer deep into the ground. With 360-degree scanning capability, it can send vibration and audio alerts. As you move closer to the object, the alerts increase in intensity. Modern pinpointers come with a flashlight as well so you do not need to hold a light while digging. The presence of a scraping blade lets you easily unearth your treasure.

Sand Scoop

In case you want to look for metal objects on the beach, a sand scoop will come in handy. These are small-sized plastic scoops having tiny holes in the underside. Whenever the detector senses an object, you can just scoop the sand surrounding the region. You need to shake the scoop gently. This will let the sand filter out, letting you unearth your ‘find’.

For obvious reasons, scoops work a lot better in the dry sand rather than on wet sand. If you have to use it in wet sand, you can shake the scoop with care underwater, to show the treasure. Keep in mind that you should not shake it too harshly. Otherwise, you will end up dropping your possibly precious ‘find’ into the ocean.


You can get more privacy while looking for treasures, as the audio alerts will only be restricted to you. Most metal prospectors hate to let others hear when they have discovered an object. With headphones, you can also catch faint alerts that you might have missed had you relied only on built-in speakers. Headpieces block all the background noise and you will not end up missing the tones that you die to hear.

Other than blocking all the noise and giving you discreet search solution, headphones can also help save the battery power of your detector. It is essential to consider the comfort factor first while looking for metal detector headphones. Buy an adjustable pair that comes with enough cushioning around the ears. Look for coiled cord minimum 6 feet long as well as volume controls on the headset that you decide to purchase.

Gold pan kit

A Gold Pan Worth Having!

If you intend to search for gold near water, a gold pan kit should be one of your top accessories. When your equipment detects gold, you can use the pans to sift through dirt and rocks carefully. You can find small gold flakes or nuggets more easily. There is no other easier way to get flakes out of the ground. Gold pan kits are often available with pans of two or three varied sizes.

Gold Bottle Snifter

These bottles can be ideal if you are a gold prospector. Once you have gold in the pans, gold bottle snifters can be squeezed to suck up gold from pans. It is far easier than using tweezers or fingers to do the same. You should also take a small container along, where you can store all the gold.

Carrying bags

You will also need a bag to transport your detector. If you mostly hunt for treasure around the home, it might not be needed. However, long-distance trips make these a necessity. Carrying bags can keep your detector stored safely when not being used. You can keep detector as well as all other accessories safely together.

It is a sensible idea to buy a carry bag that has a number of tiny pockets. This will allow you to store every accessory and they are easier to find quickly. With a bag, you can easily take your metal detector along for short and long trips.


These are indispensable for people who wish to dig relics or objects from very deep. Some metal prospectors go for a standard garden shovel. However, there are especially designed and manufactured shovels for metal detection. These come with a serrated blade that can let people scrape all the dirt from their treasures, without causing any damage to their small ‘finds’. This type of shovel has a smaller head. Thus, you will end up damaging much less space and need to fill in less as well.

Trowel or Digger

This Garden Tool Set from The Relaxed Gardener is perfect for digging!

A trowel or a small digger would often be enough to dig a hole in the ground, in case your ‘find’ is located just a few inches down below. A small trowel is a must-have accessory in the kit of any serious treasure hunter. It can be very useful in the retrieval of any metal objects that are located. Trowels can make the job easier and faster even in soft soil, and allow more comfort to your hands.


A dedicated pouch is essential for treasure hunters as well. It can be used to transport all the treasures. It is nice to carry one, even if you are just searching around the house. It is a good idea to buy several Ziploc bags, and keep them in the pouch to have your small finds safely stored within.

Rechargeable batteries

The last thing you would want to experience is having your metal detector run out of power in the middle of treasure hunting expeditions. It is a good idea to take a pack of extra rechargeable batteries along before leaving home. Keep them somewhere safe in the carry bag for your metal detector.


So, there you go. This is our top 10 accessories that you should always carry while searching for treasures with a metal detector. Did we miss anything? Comment below!


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